Sterilizing Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Z1
Creative ZiWei Sterilization System
Synchronized vacuuming and mopping | 120AW Suction Power | 10 Separation Cyclones | 60 Minutes' Running-time
Inspiration design from lavender
ROIDMI 1st generation sterilizing cordless
vacuum cleaner
ROIDMI Z1, 1st Cordless Vacuum with ZiWei
Sterilization System, is a high-fashion cordless
vacuum cleaner designed &developed by ROIDMI
Cleaning R&D Lab, TOAGOSEI(Japan), Toray
Industries (Japan).
Long-period Unsterilized vacuum
cleaner may endanger your health.
ROIDMI Cleaning R&D Lab found that there are
many pathogens inside the vacuum cleaner if it
is not cleaned deeply for a long time and unreplaced
HEPA Filter. Most of them will eventually be discharged
into the air, which may threaten the health of the family.
  • Invisible bacteria
    on the floor
  • Air duct cyclone turns
    into a hotbed of bacteria
  • Exhaust from the
    vacuum cleaner
  • Induce skin disease
    and respiratory infections
*All data results from Household vacuum cleaner&health white paper
ZiWei Sterilization System, a joint project from ROIDMI Cleaning R&D Lab,
toagosei co ltd.(Japan) and Toray Industries, Inc., provides a better
cleaning experience with quadruple sterilizing technology.
  • Upgraded sterilization accessories
    Vacuuming, Mopping and Sterilizing
  • Sterilizing Cleaner brush
    Made with efficient bacteriostatic silver ions
  • Bacteriostatic Novaron
    Dissoluble glass ion efficiently kills bacteria
  • Bacteriostatic Metal coating & Rear Filter
    Double Filtration, Double Sterilization
Upgraded Sterilization accessories
Vacuuming & mopping & sterilizing
ROIDMI Z1 combines vacuuming, mopping
and sterilizing with 2 modes and upgraded
sterilization accessories.
  • Disinfecting Wipes Disposable use
  • Durable Mops Stain-resistant & Reusable
Sterilizing cleaner brush with efficient bacteriostatic silver ions
ROIDMI Z1 injected bacteriostatic silver ions into the roller brush, keeping bacteria out
even after use for long.
  • Bacteriostatic Silver Ions
  • Soft Roller Brush
  • Flexible
Kill 99% bacteria and mycetes (Certificated by SGS)
Novaron metal ion filtration
Novaron tech, from Toagosei co ltd.(Japan), is applied in ROIDMI Z1 sterilizing
vacuum cleaner, which kills bacteria by a soluble glass containing antimicrobial
metal ions.
  • Step 1
    Silver ions can destroy the electrolyte
    balance of the bacteria, causing damage
    to their cell walls and even death.
  • Step 2
    Silver ions enter the bacteria to inhibit
    cell enzyme activity, making the bacteria
    unable to multiply.
  • Step 3
    The bacteria die and silver ions escape from
    the bacterial cells to attack the other
Rear filter with bacteriostatic coating
Double filtration, double Sterilization
ROIDMI Z1 always gives you fresh air with H12 bacteriostatic ion rear filter
from Toray(Japan), as well as front HEPA filter.
  • Antibacterial rate 99.9%
  • Anti-fungal grade 0
100,000 RPM Engine-X
brushless motor for deep cleaning
ROIDMI Z1 gives a powerful suction of 22000Pa, powered by
a 120AW 100,000 RPM Engine-X brushless motor, with separation
tech of 10 Cyclones.
  • 100,000 RPM
    Engine-X Brushless Motor
  • 22000Pa
  • 120AW
    Suction Power
10 cyclone separation system Avoid
blocking filter stable suction power
Z1 is applied with 10 cyclone separation system, avoiding less
suction power by blocking and frequently filter cleaning.
5+2 Multiple air filtration system
Double purification, efficient sterilization
With 5 physical and 2 cyclone separation filtration,
avoiding air dust out, making better and cleaner environment.
Triple denoising
ROIDMI Z1 reduces the working noise to 72dB with triple denoising technology.
[1] Engine-X motor is designed without high frequency noise;
[2] Noise balances out by 10 cyclone separation system;
[3] Rear filter makes a lower decibel noise less than 72dB.
Longer battery running time
Intelligent power management system
The running time of Z1 is up to 60 minutes with 3 hours’ charging time.
An external protection circuit and thermal protection system are designed
to protect consumers’ safety.
  • 100,000 RPM
    Engine-X Brushless Motor
  • 22000Pa
  • 120AW
    Suction Power
1.55kg Lightweight Design
Convenient single-hand Use
Ultra-light weight, Ergonomic design makes it much
easier for cleaning, removing the cumbersome structure,
and making the central gravity closer to handle of cleaner,
which ensures vacuum cleaner could be easily lifted or pushed.
Dust Cup 0.65L
Just one press and dust goes
Ultra-large dust cup is 50% larger than the ordinary ones,
the total cleaning area is up to 500m2 at one time.
Magnetic & wall mount
Just press and enjoy powerful suction
Magnetic mount for easy storage, can be fixed on walls
with small limited space. One-key press for power on& off,
for more convenient experience.
wall-mounted fixed bracket
floor-to-ceiling fixed bracket
Pet Brush;
* Needs to be purchased separately.
Mattress Brush
Set of Multifunctional Brushes
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