Cordless Vacuum Cleaner S2
Stronger suction and longer endurance
135AW strong suction power | 60 minutes long endurance
magnetic wireless charging |APP smart reminder
Classic ROIDMI designing of six international awards
Produced by the ROIDMI team that won Reddot, iF and many other global design awards
ROIDMI 270° large handle design
Innovation on the modern simple home design aesthetics
The ROIDMI traditional 270 ° large handle design has been kept. Smooth lines, simple
shape result in a perfect combination of technology and fashion, making a unique
continuation of modern minimalist household product design aesthetics
Stronger power Better performance
Digital brushless motor
135 AW
Suction power
60/40/10 min
Standard/Enhanced/Max mode
New 110,000 RPM brushless motor
with 135AW strong suction power
A new generation of digital brushless dc motor of
435W, providing 110000 RPM, 23500 pa vacuum
degree, 135AW strong suction power
Supports 60 min of running time
More scientific and efficient(new generation of battery management system gives incredible 60minutes running time with
8-core LG/ Samsung lithium battery).Smart reminder comes from intelligent APP.
Max mode
Adsorption carpet,etc.
40 min
Enhance mode
Daily dirty floor.
Standard mode
Daily cleaning
Built-in independent motor
high-speed rotation
strong suction power
The upgraded large roller brush with a bulit-in
25w power motor, provides a strong torque
for the vacuum cleaner, enhancing the efficiency
of cleaning,more effective to cope with complex
cleaning scene, and deeper cleaning.
Duct design optimization
multiple strong tornado
HEPA Filter
Filters as small as 0.3 microns
Rear denoising sponge
Avoid secondary dust pollution
Washable filter
Regular cleaning, vacuuming efficiency
Innovated air duct for more efficient
vacuuming and better performance
Roidmi S2 redesigned the whole air duct, fully optimized air duct
structure, filtration system, battery layout, etc, a new generation of
direct suction multi-stage cyclone technology makes air circulation
more smooth, significantly enhance gas dust separation effect.
The upgraded filtration system with quadruple filters
The filtration system is upgraded with rear denoise sponge. Quadra filter system improves massively the performance.
Metal mesh filtration
Effectively intercept large particles
Separation and filtration of dust and gas
Inhalation of particulate matters
will be separated from the air into
the bottom of the dust cup
HEPA filter cartridge filter
Filter up to 0.3μm dust
highly efficient filtration
Dust filter
Intercept in the middle
and discharge fresh air
Rear denoising sponge
Furthuer filter dust
clean the air
Fully upgraded and washable filters
Experience the cool technology and enjoy the convenience.
Noise reduction
Inteligent suction
Sensitive light
No Conner left
Smart APP
Real time reminder
10% noise reduction
[1]New generation motor without high frequency noise,[2]Noise balances out by Multiple cyclone system,[3]Rear denoising
sponge makes a lower decibel noise.
Intelligent suction protection
If the dust particles are inhaled into the host, it will reduce
the suction power, even damage the motor in case miss
assembled the filter, S2 will stop working, extend the service
life of the vacuum cleaner, protect the motor, at the same time,
this is also a kind of security protection for users.
Automatic sensor light
leaves no dust in the dark
When in the dark, the sensitive led will
automatically lights up the dusts at any
Smart APP
Your smart cleaning housekeeper
Open the ROIDMI vacuum cleaner APP to check the host's
power, cleaning time, dust alert and filter replacement, etc.
Firmware upgrades can also be carried out through the
phone to achieve the best cleaning experience.
Real-time power
Dust-full reminder
Filter replacement
Firmware upgrade
Lightweight design
1.5Kg main host, easy to hold
Magnetic wireless charging
Gently lean to charge and use anytime
New HL roller brush
Wooden floor, floor tile, carpet thoroughly cleaned
Free combine brush heads
Clean every corner
1.5kg lightweight design
"easy to use"
From layout to material selection, lightweight design of
the body, unique large handle design makes it easier to
hold. Easy to lift, makes vacuum cleaning simpler
Just stock to charge
No need to nail on the wall, no need to buckle,
ROIDMI develops a new generation of charging methods
magnetic wireless charging,charge it with a light touch,
store and charge in one, use it at anytime.
New upgrade HL soft velvet roller for deep cleaning Carpet and floor
The bristles of the HL roller brush are increased to form a height difference, which can deeply clean the carpet floor.
Only one roller brush is needed during cleaning and does not need to be replaced.
Electric Mattress brush
Change into mattress cleaner in one second, deeply
clean the mites. Protect the cleaning home
environment for you.
HL Soft velvet roller brush
New upgrades
No need to alternate between
carpet and floor during cleaning
* Need to be purchased separately
* Need to be purchased separately
Product name Roidmi S2 Roidmi S1
Types Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Input voltage 100V 240V
Total power 435W 415W
Motor 110,000 RPM Digtal DC Motor 100,000 RMP Digtal DC Motor
Enhance mode 135AW 120AW
Runing time 60 minutes 55 minutes
Vacuum 23,500 Pa 18,500 Pa
Battery 2500mAH/72Wh 250 d0mAH/76Wh
Charging time 2.5 Hours 2.5 Hours
Host weight 1.5kg 1.5kg
Total weight About 2.6kg About 2.6kg
Dust cup capacity 0.4 0.4liter
Charging method Magnetic Wireless Charging Nailless magnetic charging
Warranty Host Warranty 2 Years Host warranty for 2 years
Warranty Host Warranty 2 Years Host warranty for 2 years
Filter system Dust Cup Filter + Rear Noise Reduction Sponge Dust cup HEPA filter
Roller brush NEW HL Soft Roller brush
color white white
* The data presented above are from the ROIDMI Cleaning R&D Lab or ffially determined, which may cause errors depending on actual usage.
* This logo means that the product can be controlled by Mijia APP or Xiaoai Speaker. Please note
that this logo is only verified at the software level. Xiaomi and Mijia are not responsible for the
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